March 29, 2011

Organization mimics the WPA race series


Organization mimics the WPA race series

March 26, 2010, Dana Point, CA – It is often said that imitation is the best form of flattery, but when it comes to an accrediting organization that is hardly the case.  During the past twelve months the World Paddle Association successfully instituted race and result standards, most recently announcing the launch of a formal World Championships and qualifying standards for athletes.  However, attempts to capitalize on the WPA’s successes are many – most recently in the form of a copycat organization.

Over the past year several website based organizations have sprung onto the scene, often reposting official association information or creating a facsimile to imply authority or conjunction with WPA events.   “Our concern is for protecting our constituents and the progress that the WPA has helped the sport of SUP to achieve,” Says Byron Kurt, president and co-founder of the WPA.  He adds “We are taking the necessary precautions to educate the community and make sure no one falls victim to these scams.”   Such organizations collect membership and imply authenticity without any real connection to events.

What to look for:

  • The official WPA logo on all event materials.
  • Event listing on the official WPA website.
  • WPA membership discounts and information on event registration page(s).

The WPA recently announced the launch of National (U.S.) and World Championships in conjunction with Hennessey’s Paddleboard Racing.  The WPA World Championships in partnership with Hennessey’s and their 15-year commitment to the sport of paddling is to focus on providing a universal experience to the global paddling community.  Paddlers must qualify by participating in the 50 race WPA regional race series being held in Hawaii and the continental United States.  Non-WPA members are can participate in any WPA sanctioned event however you will not receive points, rankings and qualifying spots for the Hennessey’s-WPA SUP World Championships.


About the WPA

The goal of the WPA is to provide a comprehensive voice, fair and equal access and organizational structure to the sport of paddling and its participants in a manner that benefits the collective paddling community. For more information

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