Membership Benefits

WPA Membership Benefits

The World Paddle Association provides structure to paddle sports and stand up paddling that includes rules and guidelines to properly grow for the future. The WPA provides benefits and services for participates, race directors and everyone involved the sport.

Member Benefits:

  • WPA sanctioned events– to insure all WPA sanctioned races are safe, fair and consistent in rules and guidelines.
  • Regional & National Race Series– 14 regions in 36 states and over 120 races to plan your race schedule for the year.
  • Rankings for all competitors– The WPA provides rankings with our Partner PaddleGuru for all competitors that compete in a WPA sanctioned points race by race, board size, gender and age divisions 8U, 9-11, 12-14, 15-17 with the Juniors series and 17U, 18-39, 40-49, 50+ for regional and national rankings.
  • Salt Life Cup– Competitors can compete in the selected Salt Life Cup events to earn points and special entry into the season ending event.
  • PaddleGuru Race Solution– WPA partner PaddleGuru provides the best and lowest cost race solution for WPA sanctioned events that includes registration, payment, timing and rankings.
  • Insurance– WPA sanctioned events carry a premium insurance policy to insure the safety for all competitors, staff and spectators at the lowest cost through the Outdoor Insurance Group.
  • Special Offers– member only offers along with news, updates, instruction, and newsletter with up to date information.


Membership Levels

All listed memberships will have access to a membership card that can be printed and laminated. A WPA member sticker can be obtained at selected WPA sanctioned events when you present your membership card.