WPA Event Insurance

The WPA offers race Insurance, please reference the documents at the bottom of the page for more information:

FAQ- WPA Event Insurance

Q. Do I have to be a member of the WPA to participate in the insurance program?
A. The event needs to be a WPA sanctioned event to be eligible for the program.

Q. What type of coverage is offered in the insurance program?
A. The program provides $1,000,000 General Liability Coverage, but unlike
most other programs, it also includes Participant Legal Liability and watercraft.

Q. Is there a Deductible or Self Insured Retention applicable to any part of the policy?
A. No. There is no deductible.

Q. When do I need to buy this policy?
A. We recommend you have the application forms submitted at least 10 days before your
scheduled event. That way it gives plenty of time for certificates to be issued, and sent to
the certificate holders. It also allows time for payment and other issues to be resolved if

Q. How long will take to get the certificates?
A. Outdoor Insurance Group has the standard of issuing the certificates within two-three days of
receiving completed applications and payment. Certificates can be emailed directly to
the event holder and also to additional insureds as requested.

Q. Are parks, municipalities covered by this policy?
A. Yes. The policy automatically covers any person, organization or entity engaged in
providing the premises for your event.

Q. What if we are uncertain about the number of participants we will have?
A. We understand the number of participants will vary a little, we ask for complete honesty
and integrity when reporting your anticipated participants. Useful resources for
predicting your correct participants are last year’s numbers and the help of the WPA.
The insurance program will only be successful if the event holders use their integrity
when reporting the number of participants.

Q. What if we have a low turnout or the event is canceled because of weather?
A. The official position is that there are no refunds, however, Outdoor Insurance Group will
work very hard as your insurance provider to get issues resolved and satisfy you as the

Q. What are the payment options?
A. You can mail a check with the application, or for quicker service email or pay by phone with your credit card. The credit card option has a 3% service charge.  You can email your application listed below to

Q. I have questions that were not addressed in this document or the brochure, who can I call?
A. We welcome your questions; call Outdoor Insurance Group at 1-888-683-7808.
Please note that the above is provided for informational purposes only. Each claim has its own unique set of
circumstances that will determine coverage under the insurance policy. Please review your policy carefully and
contact your agent with any specific questions you have. This information does not in any way guarantee coverage
under your insurance policy.

Q. Does the Outdoor Insurance Group provide other types of insurance, for instructors or companies?
A. Yes, the Outdoor Insurance Group provides insurance for instructors and companies that are conducting business on the water and other various activities.  OIG provides preferred rates for WPA sanctioned events and WPA certified instructors.