February 6, 2014

Naked Turtle Rum to Sponsor SUP Races in 2014


Don’t Worry. Drink Naked.™

Naked Turtle™ Rum Partners with World Paddle Association to Sponsor SUP Races in 2014

Tampa, FL, January 27, 2014 – The Naked Turtle Rum is stoked to announce that it is teaming up with the WPA (World Paddle Association), an organization dedicated to the promotion of competitive SUP (Stand Up Paddling) events in the United States. Naked Turtle Rum will be taking its laid back lifestyle to the water throughout 2014, showing up at races from the beaches of North Carolina to the islands of Hawaii.

“The World Paddle Association is focused on providing a great time to good people through our race series that includes everyone from SUP novices to Elite paddlers,” explained Kristin Artz, the Director of Marketing and PR for the World Paddle Association. “Support from a partner like Naked Turtle, which encourages a similar lifestyle to that of our organization, leverages the true spirit of the sport.”

Races kick off in April with Naked Turtle hitting the waters off the West Coast of Florida for the Sharkbite Challenge. The series will then head north to join the Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club at The Carolina Cup before paddling its way back south to “The Conch Republic” for the Key West Classic.  The season ends in Florida at the WPA Championships at the end of October 2014. Everyone who comes out to the events can learn the basics of SUP and the art of the perfect paddle, and later enjoy delicious drinks “Made Naked” with Naked Turtle Rum. Please Kick Back Responsibly®.

“At the Naked Rum Co., we believe that life is best spent relaxing – preferably by the water,” said Ryan Hunter, Marketing Guy from The Naked Turtle. “The growing popularity of SUP and its close knit community makes the WPA and its signature series something we are super excited to get ‘on board’ with. Pun totally intended.“

 2014 Naked Turtle Rum & World Paddle Association Events

 Sharkbite Challenge, Florida West Coast – April 5-6, 2014

The Carolina Cup, Wilmington, North Carolina – April 23-27, 2014

The Key West Classic, Key West, Florida – May 2-4, 2014

Hawaii National Race, Hawaii – June 7, 2014

Hawaii Regional Championship, Hawaii – September 13, 2014

WPA Championships, Florida – October 25 & 26, 2014

About The Naked TurtleTM White Rum 

The Naked Turtle is five times distilled using the pristine waters of the USVI and made with the finest sugarcane molasses.  It’s then bottled “naked,” never touching the inside of an oak barrel, which allows the delicious character of the rum to shine through.  We think it’s as good as rum gets.  Don’t Worry. Drink Naked™

 About The World Paddle Association (WPA) 

The World Paddle Association provides the best experience for competitive SUP and Paddling events in the United States and throughout the world.  Beginning in 2009 and officially launched in 2010, the WPA was created by two paddling enthusiasts who wanted to help grow the sport for the future. Providing direction, focus and sustainability, the WPA assists in many ways so everyone may benefit along with rules and guidelines for Stand Up Paddling.


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