June 1, 2013

WPA Level 1, July 26th, Ocean City, NJ

WPA Level I Certification with YOLO Board Team Riders and WPA Level II Instructors, Karen Mirlenbrink and Darian Boyle

Friday, July 26th, 11 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at OC Paddleboard, Ocean City, NJ (Code KMWPA72613) – OC Paddleboard at Seaview Harbor Marina, 199 Hospitality Drive, Longport, NJ.

This is a one day class to meet requirements for a WPA instructor class I certification.
The WPA Water Safety curriculum includes classroom and on water instruction as part of the water safety education classes that includes:

Board and Equipment Purchasing
SUP Etiquette
Safety Planning
Injury Prevention
Water Dynamics
Boating Laws
Board & Paddling Skills
Rescue techniques
Water Safety information

All instructors who complete a WPA Water Safety class are also required to complete the following criteria to satisfy the certification requirements. An instructor may attend a WPA Water Safety class if have not met the following CPR/First aid and insurance criteria:

CPR/First Aid certificate (class format through the American Heart Association or American Red Cross)
Liability insurance coverage (we will send you information with lower insurance rates only available for WPA instructors)
$75 per year to maintain WPA instructor certificate (first year fee included in the first class)
80% on certification exam
Be a WPA member
Marketing: instructors will be posted by level and region on the WPA website.

Insurance: discounted rates for individual and group insurance
Backed by a structured organization with the WPA and the WPA Board of Instructors updates with curriculum supplied to all WPA instructors-Cost: $295.

Please complete the online application by going to Please include the code listed next to your course in your application. You will be receiving a invoice via Pay Pal to pay a deposit of $150.00 to your e-mail address. Please also send an e-mail to Karen ( using our contact form to confirm your e-mail and your attendance for the class listed below. Your deposit will confirm your spot to attend the attached class. All instructors attending must adhere to the guidelines set forward by the WPA with information posted below and on

If for some reason you have to cancel and cannot attend you will not lose your deposit. We will apply your deposit to the next WPA class that you can attend. The WPA has many local Class II and higher instructors so you may attend another WPA class in the near future if you have to cancel.

Please note that along with your credentials that you have submitted on your application you MUST be able to maneuver and paddle a board in a confident and comfortable fashion. The WPA classes are tailored to the sport of stand up paddling. Your certification will be delayed and with held if the instructors feel that your skill level is not up the standards needed to teach lessons as a WPA Instructor.

Please bring your board, paddle, and pfd. If you need to reserve a board/paddle, you can do so through OC Paddleboard for $25 for the day. – (609) 938-0117 or (609)992-0717.