March 24, 2016

WPA Instructor Class I course- April 22, 2016, Wrightsville Beach, NC

The World Paddle Association will be conducting a Class I instructor certification course at the Carolina Paddleboard Company in Wrightsville Beach, NC:

  • April 22nd- Class I certification course, 10am to 3pm

The WPA provides SUP Water Safety & Education for instructors from our expert staff designed to educate and inform all levels of instructors with water safety and preparation.  With the rapid growth of stand up paddling the WPA Board of Instructors has put together a comprehensive instructional curriculum to educate instructors to include purchasing decisions, paddling technique and water dynamics in all bodies of water with safety being the top priority with instruction to educate for fun and safety for the paddling community.

Instructors will need to complete a Class I course to be evaluated for a higher status based on each instructor’s credentials and background that should include experience in the following areas but not limited to:

  • Water safety:  Lifeguard, Harbor Patrol, Boating Safety and instructor.
  • Safety Authority:  Fire, Police, Paramedic, EMT, Doctor, Nurse and instructor.
  • Water Sports background:  competitive and instructor.
  • Water knowledge:  Ocean, surf, lake, river, and white water.
  • Achievements:   list all water sports and other applicable background.
  • Instructor/Coach: list all water sports and other applicable sports.

The WPA Water Safety curriculum includes classroom and on water instruction as part of the water safety education classes:

  • Board and Equipment Purchasing
  • SUP Etiquette
  • Safety Planning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Water Dynamics
  • Basic Boating Laws
  • Board & Paddling Skills
  • Rescue techniques
  • Water Safety information

All instructors who complete a WPA Water Safety class are also required to complete the following criteria before their certification can be completed.  An instructor may attend a WPA Water Safety class however must meet the following criteria to instruct as a WPA Certified Instructor:


  • CPR/First Aid certificate (must attend a class instructed by an American Heart Association or American Red Cross certified instructor)
  • Proof of liability insurance coverage
  • $75 per year to maintain WPA instructor certificate
  • 80% on certification exam


  • Marketing: instructors will be posted by level and region on the WPA website
  • Insurance: discounted rates with individual, company and club insurance
  • Backed by a structured organization with the WPA and the WPA Board of Instructors
  • Updates with curriculum supplied to all WPA instructors
  • WPA member only offers and discounts

Instructors interested in attending either course must submit an application that includes your background with credentials including years of experience as outlined above.  Each applicant will be reviewed and determine if the applicant will qualify as a potential WPA instructor.  Once an applicant is accepted the applicant will be sent an e-mail with information to place a deposit to reserve a spot for one of the upcoming classes.  You may also email Byron Kurt, for more information.

Application- click on the “Instructors” tab on the WPA homepage and select the “Application Info” on the drop down.  Click “APPLY” at the bottom of the page then complete the information and submit.  We will then review your application and send you an email regarding attending a WPA class.

Fees to attend a course:

  • Class I- $295.00

Class sizes are limited!