October 5, 2016

The WPA-Salt Life Cup Champions Crowned at the Pacific Paddle Games!

Mo Freitas and Candice Appleby were crowned the 2016 Salt Life Cup Champions at the Pacific Paddle Games.  Salt Life Apparel, in association with the World Paddle Association’s season long National Race Series and the Salt Life Cup came to a close in dramatic fashion in the Pro Elite Technical race with several top paddlers in the running to take home the $3,000.00 first place check.

candice-final-paddle-ppg_2016While Mo Freitas defended his Salt Life Cup title with an ailing back, it was Candice Appleby claiming her first Salt Life Cup title given a race strategy error by Annabel Anderson.  Annabel entered the final race only 80 points behind April Zilg and a 1,800 point lead over Candice.  Annabel charged into a commanding lead on the last lap, however coming into the finish Annabel thought there was one more lap to complete that took her off course giving the win to Candice and settling for sixth place in the race and second in the Salt Life Cup.  The young gun Shae Foudy ended up third in the race and taking third in the Salt Life Cup standings.  “I’m very happy with my performance and super stoked to win the both the Salt Life Cup and the PPG championship”, stated Appleby.  “Huge thank you to Salt Life, WPA and PPG for their incredible support of our sport”, continued Appleby.

On the Men’s side, Garrett Fletcher held a 755 point lead coming into the PPG event over Mo Freitas and a 1,595 point lead over 3rd place Danny Ching in the Men’s standings.  With Garrett not advancing out of his quarter final heat, it came down to Mo amo-ppg_2016nd Danny for the Salt Life Cup title with both advancing to the finals.  All Mo needed to do was finish no worse than 3rd place if Danny won to defend his title.  Danny could not make up the ground he lost at the start of the race having to settle for sixth place and Mo placing 3rd to secure the title while Garrett ended up second overall and Danny in 3rd.

The season long Salt Life Cup and WPA National races award double points (2,000 to 1st) through the long course or designated course(s) in Men’s SUP 14’ and Women’s SUP 12’6 and quadruple points (4,000 to 1st) at the Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge and the season finale Pacific Paddle Games.  The top three point’s leaders received bonus money with $3,ooo.00 to first, $600.00 to second and $400.00 to third in both genders.  To qualify for the Salt Life Cup bonus money, all competitors had to compete in a minimum of three designated Salt Life Cup races during the 2016 season and the season finale in the Pro technical race at the Pacific Paddle Games.

Click on the following links to view the final standings of the 2016 Salt Life Cup:

final-2016-salt-life-cup-mens-standings_10-3-16                      final-2016-salt-life-cup-womens-standings_10-3-16

Look for upcoming announcements with the World Paddle Association and the Salt Life Cup for the 2017 event schedule.  Go to, and for more information.

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