December 31, 2010

SUP Surf Etiquette

  • Know your ability and the surf break you are going to surf. Beginning SUP surfers can be a bigger danger to those in the water and to yourself if you do not know the dynamics of a SUP board and the power of the wave.
  • Know the restrictions where you can or cannot SUP surf as SUP surfing may not be suitable at a given break and or area. If you don’t know ask a lifeguard or someone that has knowledge of the particular break.
  • Be conscious of others in the water both paddling out and where you are in the surf line up. A SUP board will get away from you much further than a surfboard and also drag you further going through a wave and when you fall. Give yourself twice the distance you would on a surfboard from others on both sides and behind you when paddling out and especially when you fall, be sure to plan ahead and give ample room to those paddling out.
  • Be respectful out in the line up particularly when you are not at your home break. If you are not a local or even are a local don’t paddle around everyone to the priority position and or outside. Work your way into the line up by catching some in between waves and gain respect of others that are out in the water.
  • Once you are at the main peak or line up be willing to give up some waves to others and even call out set waves that may be coming. This will go far for you to catch waves and gain respect from surfers. An experienced SUP surfer can catch twice as many waves as a traditional surfer and everyone is trying to catch their fair share, so be fair and share as much as possible.
  • Take a break and sit on your board when you can. This will show other surfers that you are willing to pass up waves and give some waves to others.
  • Go out of your way to be kind and help others. In most cases you will be judged by others even before you get in the water.
  • Help those who don’t know. If you see a beginning SUP surfer that does not know surf etiquette, inform them in a kind way about the rules and or restrictions. In the end it will benefit all of us in the water.
  • WEAR a LEASH! Don’t try to be cool and think that you don’t have to wear a leash. All it takes is one fall to wipeout someone else’s day or life.If you follow these simple guidelines when you are in the water with surfers you will gain a lot of respect from others and for the sport of SUP surfing. “We set the standard today for what will happen in the future of SUP surfing”. “Keep the Vibe”