December 30, 2010

Danny Ching, Q & A

    What is a normal training day like for you? Weekdays up early and on the water 1 hr outrigger canoe, followed by 1 hr at the gym lifting weights and 1 hr of cross training.  Afternoon 1.5 hrs on the water either outrigger canoe or SUP.  On the weekends I try and go long with a group.  Usually 2-3 hrs Sat and 2-3 more Sun switch from outrigger to SUP, unless there’s a race.  Then I just got long on Sun and race on Sat.What goals do you have for yourself in the sport of SUP or other?

    I would like to race the Molokai to Oahu SUP, and I would like to win the battle of the paddle this year.  I have crossed the Molokai channel several times in an outrigger, but never on a SUP.

    What is the key for success for you or tip you would give someone?

    For me, the key to success is time on the water.  Nothing can substitute for time training on the water.  The more you paddle the faster you will become.  I always try and put my self in the mind set that if I train smarter and more often then everyone else, they will have to train that much more to catch/beat me.

    What do you like most about your sport?

    The camaraderie and freedom.  Everyone I have met in this industry, from competitors, to vendors, to shapers, has been incredibly helpful and giving. That usually doesn’t happen in a competitive sport. I also love just being out on the ocean, surfing or paddling with my friends.  It’s a great way to get out and enjoy the day.

    How did you get started in paddling and what type?

    My dad (Al Ching) started Lanakila outrigger canoe club in Redondo Beach.  So ever since I was kid I though outrigger paddling season was one of the season you do, just like AYSO soccer, basketball or little league.  I started racing outrigger canoes in 1994.  In 1998, I was turned onto the sport of Olympic sprint kayaking. Since then I have also picked up surf skis, dragon boats and most recently in 2008, Stand Ups.

    What are your plans for 2010?

    Right now I am still racing single man outrigger canoes until April.  However, after that I plan on racing SUP for most of the year.  I am currently working with Riviera Paddle Surf and Greg Jenson to design a new stock SUP under the company name 404.  We hope to have it out by late spring early summer.

    What is your biggest turn off and On?

    I think I’ll leave this one blank.

    Who is your favorite athlete?

    Lance Armstrong.  I love watching people push themselves to the limit and then beyond.  I think the last book I read was his autobiography, It’s not about the Bike.  I don’t often sit back and read, by I read that one cover to cover.  His work ethic and commitment to training is second to none.  I really admire that quality.

    Favorite tunes or genre on your H2O audio?

    Anything with a good beat that I can pace off of.  I have a few mellow Hawaiian tracks and a few angry rap tracks to get me fired up.  They are very useful for training but I prefer not to race with music.  I’d rather concentrate on what’s going on around me.

Home Redondo Beach, CA
Age, DOB 27, 5/14/83
Hobbies Outrigger, SUP, Surfing, Sprint Kayaking, Surf skiing, Shaping paddles
Height 5′ 8″
Weight 178lbs
Career highlights 3rd BOTP elite, 1st BOTP distance race
Sponsors Riviera Paddle Sports, Rainbow Sandals, 404 SUP, Laguna Tribe Jerseys, JEN Optics Sunglasses, Quick Blade SUP Paddles, Kamanu Composites Outrigger Canoes, Mudbrook Outrigger Paddles, ONIT Pro,