July 28, 2017

2017 World SUP Tour standings and event information

Titouan Puyo and April Zilg are on top of the current 2017 World SUP Tour standings through 5 events.  Titouan and April also received 1,000 bonus points for accumulating the most points in the East Region races.  Even though Titouan only has competed in one event to date, he has accumulated enough points to be the current leader by 1,418 points over Mo Freitas.  April holds a commanding lead over Annabel Anderson by 5,400 points since she has three races toward her points total.

With three races remaining, Gorge Paddle Challenge, Battle of the Bay and the finale, Pacific Paddle Games, the points race is wide open.  The final three races will have the top paddlers competing that will change up the standings and to be crowned the 2017 WST Champion and gaining Salt Life bonus money to the top three spots.  The Japan and Korea event points will go toward the 2018 point totals for competitors.

Current standings:

2017 WST MENS Points Standings_8 1 17                        2017 WST WOMENS Points Standings_8 1 17


WST Overview

The top 3 WST events plus the tour finale (PPG) points in the Elite-Pro division will determine the 2017 WST Champions.  A competitor may compete in as many events as they want in the Elite-Pro division as their lowest single event points earned would be dropped and replaced by a higher point value from another race during the year.  Elite-Pro competitors may also earn 1,000 bonus points by winning the overall series in each of the three regions, West, East and Asia WST regional series (see below schedule).  To qualify for the Salt Life bonus money and crowned the WST Champion, Elite-Pro competitors must compete in the WST finale at the Pacific Paddle Games on September 29th – October 1, 2017.  For more information and standings, go to


4 Star-                  4,000 points breakdown

5 Star-                  5,000 points breakdown

6 Star-                  6,000 points breakdown

Finale-                  10,000 points breakdown


Region Bonus     1,000 points to the overall winner of the West, East or Asia regional series


Tour Event Schedule & Series Ranking (subject to change)


  • April 8th Rincon Beach Boy                            Puerto Rico, PR                               5 Star- EAST
  • April 22th Carolina Cup                                    Wrightsville Beach, NC                 6 Star- EAST
  • June 3rd WPA Championships                       Columbus, GA                                 4 Star- EAST
  • June 24th Turtle Bay Challenge                     Oahu, HI                                            4 Star- WEST
  • July 8th Canadian Championships                Toronto, CN                                     4 Star- EAST
  • Aug 19th Columbia Gorge Challenge            Hood River, OR                               6 Star- WEST
  • Sept 23th Battle of the Bay                                San Francisco, CA                           5 Star- WEST
  • Sept 29th Pacific Paddle Games-Finale       Dana Point, CA                                Finale
  • *Oct 14th Japan SUP Cup                                   Japan                                                 5 Star- ASIA
  • *Oct 21st Korea SUP Cup                                   Busan, Korea                                    4 Star- ASIA


*Japan and Korea Cup points earned will be carried over to the 2018 points total.