October 2, 2015

2015 Salt Life CUP Standings

Only two events remain in the 2015 Salt Life Cup WPA 15 race series with Annabel WPA-logo-w117x50Anderson and Ryan Helm currently holding the top positions (see attached standings through 9/20/15).  The final two events to earn Salt Life Cup points, Pacific Paddle Games on October 10 & 11 at Doheny State Beach and the Battle of the Bay WPA Championships on October 17 & 18 at Crissy Field in San Francisco will be worth quadruple points (4,000 total to first place, 2,000 each Pro race) and will allow many of the competitors in the standings a chance to take the 2015 Salt Life Cup bonus.

Each of the final two events will offer 2,000 points to first place (see attached points breakdown) in both events in the technical and distance races.  Salt Life will give away $5,000 bonus money to the Men’s season ending leader and $3,500 to the Women’s leader.  The remaining two events in the Salt Life Cup will offer a total of $79,000 in prize money.  This will be a nice reward to the competitors who have trained hard all year long.

As communicated in the beginning of the year, a competitor must have competed in a minimum of three Salt Life Cup events during the year and the season ending Battle of the Bay WPA Championships to qualify for the Salt Life Cup bonus money.  Good luck to all of the competitors and to become the 2015 Salt Life Cup Champion!

Mens Salt Life Cup standings 2015_9 20 15                  Womens Salt Life Cup standings 2015_9 20 15

WPA Event Points breakdown by Race Level