April 24, 2012

2012 Hennessey’s Paddleboard Race Series Announced

Redondo Beach, CA, April 23, 2012:
For over 17 years Hennessey’s  has been at the fore front of world paddleboard racing, bringing races to such places as Australia, Hawaii, Fiji, California, and Mexico. The 2012 Hennessey’s Series promises to one of the best yet, culminating with the 2012 Hennessy’s-WPA World Championships in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

2012 Event Schedule
·         May 25th , 2012 – Hennessey’s Pier to Pier (4 Miles) – Hermosa Beach, CA
·         June 2nd, 2012 – Hobie / Hennessey’s  United States WPA – SUP & Paddleboard Championships  – Doheny State Beach, CA
·         July 7th , 2012 – The South Bay Dozen – Redondo Beach, CA
·         November, 3 & 4th , 2012 – Hennessy’s-WPA World Championships – Palmilla Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

“The Hennessey Race Series isn’t just a bunch of races to us; we truly love what we do.  A side from the competition, each Hennessey event brings its own atmosphere that only a Hennessey event can, just ask around. We have been doing this for 17 years and we think that this year’s series may be one of the best yet.” according to Hennesseys’s Race Director Tim Ritter.

The 2012 Hennessey’s  SUP and Paddleboard Race Series is presented by Hennessey’s Taverns,  Hobie, Bacardi,  Del Mar Development, Snell Real Estate,  Ocean Minded, Stand Up Paddle Magazine, Waterman’s Applied Science, SUP Mexico, The Mexican Tourism Board, Bliss Events, H20 Audio, 02H Sarcoma Alliance, Bark, Futures Fins and Crislu Jewelers   and the World Paddle Association.  Athletes and spectators can visit sponsors on race day to check out the newest products and accessories the paddleboard industry has to offer.

Paddlers can qualify for the 2012 World Championship by participating in 2012 World Paddle Association sanctioned events by earning a spot into your respective regional championship, 12 National races, Hennessey’s-WPA U.S. Championships, 11 City Tour and top placing’s from the 2011 World and U.S. championships.  You can find all the qualifying criteria on along with more details on travel packages, board transportation and more on and