July 5, 2011

2012 Hennessy’s-WPA World Championships Qualifying Criteria

2012 WPA World Championship Qualifying Criteria

As listed in the 2012 WPA SUP Racing Rulebook:

16.  World Championships Qualifying Criteria:
a)     Finish in the top 30% of your board division at the 2011 Hennessey’s-WPA World Championships (Championship race only).

b)    Finish in the top 30% of your board division at the 2012 Hennessey’s-WPA U.S. Paddle Championships (Long course only).

c)     Qualify for a Regional Championship in 2012 by finishing in the top 50% of your board division and or ranking age divisions (see rule 15) in a WPA regional series in 2012.

d)    Finish in the top 20% of your board division at a “WPA National Race” in 2011. (must be a ranked division and have a minimum of 5 participants)

e)     Finished in the top 20% of the selected international events to be announced.

f)      The WPA and Hennessey’s reserves the right to hold spots open to invite selected paddlers to participate in the 2012 Hennessey’s WPA World Championship race that may not have access or the ability to participate in any or limited points races and events listed.

g)     All qualifying spots will be determined from a person’s highest qualifying option as listed  a – f.  If a person qualifies from option 1 and option 2 their spot in option 2 would be passed to the next person not qualified and so on.

h)    Participants do not need to be current WPA member if you have qualified under options a & b.

*Any participants competing in the Open race at the 2012 World Championships do not need to qualify.  Qualifying is only mandated for the World Championship race.

13.  WPA Ranking Divisions
The following age divisions will receive points for rankings to qualify for the Regional Championships (by region) in both the ELITE (long course) and OPEN (short course) for all races in each region:

a)      17 under on all board classes and genders.
b)      18-49 on all board classes and genders.
c)      50+ on all board classes and genders.
d)      All ages are based on the age of the competitor at the start of a region series and or the day of a championship race.
e)      Any competitor that has a change of age in the middle of a year can begin accumulating points in the new age division however cannot carry over points from the previous age division.
f)       Final region points for rankings will be determined after the last race in each region for 2012.
g)      A race director may include additional or omit age divisions if they choose as long as they collect the AGE for every competitor in their event and races.  This will provide the needed information to sort competitors with the age divisions needed for rankings based on the results format sheet.

14.  Participants to Support a Class
a)      Trophy- A minimum of 3 participants is recommended to make a class in any division to trophy.
b)      Men Ranking- A minimum of 5 participants is required for Men’s for all age or board divisions to receive full points for rankings.
c)      Women/17 Under- A minimum of 3 participants is required for Women and 17 Under for all age or board divisions to receive full points for rankings.
d)      Money- A minimum of 10 participants is recommended in any division to receive money.
e)       If the minimum number of participants in 14b and 14c are not met in any one division the participants in the stated division will receive half of the stated points offered.

15.  Ranking Points System
Points will be given to all finishers in each division meeting the minimum participant requirements stated in rule 13.b in all sanctioned points races in each region with only the top six races for each participant to be totaled for yearend rankings.  Points can be earned by Regional and National race series to qualify for a Regional Championship and World Championship races.   Points will be offered for both Short and Long course participants in sanctioned events based on the following points scale:

a)      Points breakdown
1st = 1,000
2nd= 750
3rd= 550
4th= 400
5th= 325
6th= 250
7th= 200
8th= 150
9th= 125
10th= 100
11th= 99, 12th= 98, 13th= 97, 14th= 96 and so on with one less point for each place to 90th with each place after receiving a minimum of 10 points.

b)      If there is only one length of race at any one sanctioned event there should be divisions stating which level of rankings each competitor will be seeking points, Open/Recreation or Elite.
c)       Final region points for rankings will be determined after the last race in each region for 2012.

Please refer to the 2012 WPA SUP Racing Rulebook for more details and information.


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