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darian boyle

darian boyle

Biographical Info Darian Boyle is a World Champion skier and an accomplished TV personality. Darian was a pioneer in woman’s skiing. She was one of the top female athletes in the world - dominating the skiercross circuit and helped to pave the way for the sport. Darian switched gears in 2008 when she discovered Stand up Paddling. She has immersed herself in the SUP world traveling around the globe, paddling, surfing, competing and hosting sup camps. Darian transitioned easily from her professional sports career into broadcasting. On camera, she is a frequent presence on several media channels as a sports reporter, host and radio broadcaster. She has appeared on several media outlets including ESPN, Fox Sports Network and the Travel Channel. From mid-winter paddling and surfing off the coast of New Jersey, to skiing the untouched mountain peaks of Alaska, and skateboarding the chaotic streets of NYC, Darian has created a lifestyle out of her love for life’s challenges. Darian is a WPA Level 2 Certified instructor. 

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Level WPA Instructor III Trainer

Start Date March 21, 2023

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