Anacani Walters

Anacani Walters

Anacani Walters

Biographical Info I've been practicing yoga since 2015 and StandUp Paddling since 2017. It became a form of therapy to deal with depression and anxiety. You could say that Yoga and SUP saved me. I found SUP Yoga on my birthday in Hawai'i while my husband was deployed and it changed my life. I loved it so much I became an instructor and PHAT Mermaids was born. My goal with PHAT Mermaids is to share this amazing healing experience with as many people as I can and pay it forward. My motto is that I can teach you "Strength and Balance in Water". I understand that SUP Yoga is not for everyone which is why I also offer Hatha and Vinyasa classes at my studio in Okinawa. I'm learning to be a competitive SUP racer and enjoying the Pacific Ocean on my boards. Ocean and Water Safety is very important to me for my clients. I am constantly looking for training opportunities to continue my education both as an Instructor and as an Ocean Safety Ambassador. My certifications include: Previously Flight Medic and Aerospace Medicine Technician National EMT Certified Clinical Medical Assistant American Heart Association of Medical Professional CPR/AED ARC Waterfront and Ocean Lifeguard Certification Surf Risk Management Certification Paddle into Fitness Level I Basic SUP Instructor Paddle into Fitness SUP Fitness Instructor Paddle into Fitness SUP Yoga Instructor Safe Boating in Hawai'i Recreation Thrill Craft Certification Ocean Safety Technician Certification 200-hr RYT Yoga Alliance and OM Your Yoga Schoo See you out on the water!

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Start Date July 20, 2022

Address 9637 Morgan Creek Court
Jacksonville, FL 32222

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