July 30, 2013

Week Night Fun races = Skills and Fun

Dateline: July 2013 The kickoff for the Bend Summer SUP Series was last evening. The attendance was disappointing, even with perfect weather! Hey you paddlers, if you’re going to do this SUP thing you might as well be good at it. Who knows, you may end up in trouble with a strong headwind or current and wish you were a better paddler… One of our local Bend SUP paddlers has written a few articles that really hit home when you consider the fun of casual races – and “What’s a win” – read that one here.

The casual races, like the Wednesday weeknight Bend Summer series, are the best opportunity to improve your paddling. Bend’s best paddlers are there and super generous with technique tips and welcoming newcomers. This year the organizers have special features to attract recreational paddlers, a shorter course, one lap, vs the longer course, two laps for the competitive group. Also there will be door prizes specifically for the recreation group.

After the race we share beverages (it’s Bend, think beer LOL) and talk story about the race and up-coming weekend adventures. (read about last weekend’s laid back and super fun Odell Lake down wind event) This is too good to miss. These are “the gatherings” for SUP paddlers, both social and skill building. Races give you a chance to measure improvement and gives a purpose to your paddling. It’s not intimidating…its fun!

If you don’t live in Bend you are still in luck. Search, Google and otherwise find out what is available in your community – SUP is friends, fun and camaraderie.

Results of Race #1 – July 24

Results of Race #2- July 31