September 24, 2014

Salt Life Cup PR Standings 2014

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The World Paddle Association announces the Salt Life Cup 2014 Standings

Salt Life Apparel, in association with the World Paddle Association, announced the formation of the Salt Life Cup 2014. The Salt Life Cup is a season-long accumulation of points earned at all WPA National races beginning with the Carolina Cup WPA National race on April 26 and culminating at the WPA Championships on October 25th at St. Pete Beach, FL. At the WPA Championships, the top Men’s (SUP 14’) and Women’s (SUP 12’6) points leaders will receive bonus money and be crowned Salt Life Cup National race Champions.

The complete Salt Life Cup Men’s and Women’s standings (as of 9/15/14) are posted here Salt Life Cup 2014 Men and Women Standings. The Salt Life Cup title is wide open for the taking given the points still available at the WPA Championships on October 23-26. Each of the WPA National races awarded double points to the long course competitors and will award quadruple points at the WPA Championships. Competitors must compete at the WPA Championships on October 25 to qualify for the Salt Life Cup bonus money, which is in addition to the prize money offered at the WPA Championships.

The Salt Life Cup bonus money will be awarded as follows to top points earner:

Men- $5,000

Women- $3,000

Salt Life Cup Points available at the WPA Championships:

  1. 4,000
  2. 3,000
  3. 2,200
  4. 1,600
  5. 1,300
  6. 1,000
  7. 800
  8. 600
  9. 500
  10. 400
  11. 399 (each place after is minus 1 point)

The top points earners will need to strategize to see who they need to over take and or place close to enable them to capture the bonus money and season-long crown of Salt Life Cup Champion.

Men’s top 10 Salt Life Cup standings

1 Chase Kosterlitz 4300
2 Larry Cain 4195
3 Jamie Mitchell 2650
4 Fernando Stalla 2500
5 Chance Fielder 2497
6 Ryan Helm 2199
7 Thomas Maximus 2194
8 Jake Clement 2146
9 Arthur Daniel 2000
10 Danny Ching 2000

Women’s top 10 Salt Life Cup standings

1 Dani Schmidt 3292
2 Fiona Wylde 2300
3 April Zilg 2250
4 Helga Goebel 2200
5 Annabel Anderson 2000
6 Halie Harrison 2000
7 Hannah Elferink 2000
8 Jen Fuller 2000
9 Mary Radtke 2000
10 Shae Foudy 2000