January 28, 2013

Results: India Surf Festival


The second India Surf Festival hosted 2 races, a recreational race and an elite race.

Over 20 participants raced in the recreational course, including Orissa’s first local female participant. The event was run in heats of four up river to a buoy and back for a beach finish with board and paddle. Participants came from Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Kerala, and West Bengal.  A few ISF volunteers from Argentina and the USA made this race a truly international event.

Recreational Female:
1) Tapashi Devchoudhury
2) Arpita Mohapatra
2) Hashmina
Recreational Male:
1) P. Sekar
2) Arun
3) S. Dharani

The Elite race was the first in India to leave a flat-water environment and traverse open ocean. Racers with the experience first paddled up river to a turn, upon turning they faced increasing winds and an incoming tide. The paddlers were in a close group as they paddled out of the river mouth and into the ocean, but the increasing technicality opened up a large gap between the top 2 finishers and the remaining participants. The top three finishers caught some amazing runners coming back into the river mouth before finishing next to the old bridge on Ramachandi beach. Based on the performance of all of those that competed in the elite race, it is safe to say India will see more races ofthis caliber. As the abilities of SUP racers in India advance, so will the courses designed to test their skills. All elite race participants should be proud to be on the forefront of such events and to have raced in such a technical course and finished.

1) Vignesh (Bay of Life)
2) Manikandan (Bay of Life)
3) Murthy (CoveLong)

Congratulations to all participants! And to “Vicky” the Champion of the 2013 India SUP Cup!

India SUP Cup