February 5, 2011

Q&A with Yolo Board owners Jeff Archer/Tom Losee – UPDATED

Manufacture Q & A

Q: What made you want to be a board manufacture?

A: Jeff– We felt like SUP was going to be huge, and felt we had a story to tell from Florida.

Tom-It’s all about the process which is both artistic and creative.  It brings instant gratification.

Q: How did you get the name of your company and why?

A:  Jeff-We were looking for something unique and inspirational.  YOLO (You Only Live Once) described how we felt about the experience of SUP.

Tom-It was after the first few experiences that we had stand-up paddling.  The term “you only live once” define those moments.  I immediately knew what I had been missing and felt that it would be so easy to share both from a practical and philosophical means.

Q: If you did it all again, what one thing would you change?

A: Jeff-Nothing, it has been a wild ride.

Tom-Nothing, it has been a great experience.

Q: Why a SUP manufacture?

A:  Jeff-The first time I was on a SUP I paddled with a pod of dolphins, and said to Tom, we have to bring this experience to everyone. We started making boards the next week.

Tom-We need to be able to control our own destiny both in what we preach and the products that stand behind the philosophy.

Q: What do enjoy most about the sport of SUP?

A: Jeff– Watching people exceed their own expectations.  It is a charge for me each time.

Tom-It is an all-inclusive club.  I love seeing how fast people get “hooked.”

Q: How much do you get to paddle during a normal week?

A: Jeff-4-5 times

Tom-Even in the cooler/rainy season, I still try to get out 2-3 times a week.  During “season” it’s every day for sure.

Q: Strengths?

A:  Jeff-I never stop thinking about it. Weakness:  I never stop thinking about it

Tom-Networking and practicing what I preach.

Q: What are goals for 2011?

A: Jeff- Launch YOLO Board Adventures (Full service rental business)

  1. Grow the YOLO Board Race Series Statewide
  2. New designs
  3. Grow local SUP community
  4. Participate in national SUP events

Tom-Reach more customers through our exciting new “Yolo Board Adventures”—a multi-income SUP business opportunity.

Q: What makes your motor run and what turns it off?

A: Jeff– Opportunity, Growing new Ideas, Meeting new People/Negative or Selfish people

Tom-Positive energy/negative energy

Q: Who do you most look up too?

A:  Jeff-My wife for supporting me in doing what I need to do in order to grow this thing, for running the office, the home, and raising my two great kids, Jack and Sami.

Tom-Any entrepreneur who has taken a chance to fulfill a dream

Q: If you could lobby for one thing in the sport of SUP, what would it be?

A: Jeff-Our own identity as an Industry.

Tom-I think the door is still wide open and anything is possible.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?

A:  Jeff-Not enough time or money to travel to and paddle all of the amazing paddle destinations of the world.

Tom-People with their own agendas.

Q: It is 2020, where is the sport of SUP?

A:   Jeff-In the Olympics, in university/school teams, a part of health club programming, accessibility almost anywhere where there is water.

Tom-In the Olympics and in every body of water anywhere.

Q: If there is one more thing you could do to complete your life, what would it be?

A: Jeff-Kick Byron Kurt’s ass at BOP.

Tom-See my children succeed at their dreams…