August 6, 2011

Hennessey’s-WPA Announces New Added Open Race in Conjunction with the 2011 World Championship Race

September 17

Hennessey’s-WPA has added an Open race to the 2011 World Championship event on September 17 at Hermosa Beach Pier in California.  The Open race will also serve as a last chance qualifier with spots being given to the top finishers in each board size category for Men in 12’6, 14’ and Unlimited and Women in 12’6 only.  This open race is available to all SUP competitors.

“Adding the Open race (approx 4 miles) to the Fun race (approx 2.5 miles) and the World Championships race (approx. 7 miles) will allow competitors who are still hoping to qualify for the World Championship race and those just wanting to compete at higher level”, states Tim Ritter, race director for the Hennessey’s Racing.  Ritter adds “the Open race only adds to the opportunity for paddlers at levels to participate given their ability”.

The three race format will be conducted as follows on September 17 at Hermosa Beach, California:

  • 7:45 am: Open Race/Last Chance Qualifier– 4 mile, 2 lap race on the World Championship course offering the top 20% from each board class to receive a spot into the World Championship race.  Beach start, water finish depending on conditions.
  • 8:45 am: Fun Race– 2.5 miles water start and beach finish depending on conditions.
  • 10 am:  World Championship race– 7 miles, three laps, beach start and beach finish.

The Open race and World Championship course will be conducted around the historic Hermosa Beach Pier to allow for a spectator friendly viewing and taking advantage of the natural amphitheatre that the Hermosa Pier provides.  “The course will be a great chance for spectators to view the entire race from the Pier and the beach and bring a unique element to the sport of SUP and make for an exciting race for the World Championship”, states Byron Kurt, Co-founder of the World Paddle Association.  Kurt added “the World Championship course will also test the best SUP paddlers in the world with wind, waves and current”.

Prize Purse $16,000

An announcement will be made with the attendee’s for the World Championship in the next week and other information regarding the schedule for the day along with hotel information.


Hotel Recommendations


$$$$ – Beach House at Hermosa Beach  (Rates starting at $249)

            1300 The Strand



$$$$  – Grandview Inn and Suites  (Rates starting at $179)

            55 14th Street



$$$ – Hampton Inn and Suites (Rates starting at $155)

            1530 Pacific Coast Hwy.



$$ – Quality Inn and Suites (Rates starting at $119)

            901 Aviation Boulevard



$$ – The Sea Sprite Motel (Rates starting at $129)

            1016 The Strand