February 4, 2016

Announcing the 2016 US WPA Regions

2016 US Regions Announced:


For the 2016 season the regions are pretty much the same as 2015! To enquire about making your race a WPA-Sanctioned race, either points or non-points, contact your local regional director from the list below. Benefits of becoming WPA-Sanctioned include having consistent guidelines for races, WPA website race listing by region, WPA Facebook promotion, automated points for rankings offered to all participants through PaddleGuru, Premium event insurance at a lower cost, schedule set by region so races do not overlap, SUP Racing Rulebook, and consideration from our sponsors!

Regional Director List

Derek Schrotter:

Region 1 (So. CA/NV/AZ)
Byron Kurt:

Region 2 (N. CA/Tahoe)
Geoff James:

Region 3 (WA/OR/ID)
Sara Satterlee:

Region 4 (CO/UT)

Region 5 (FL)
Rob Mirlenbrink:
Karen Mirlenbrink:

Region 6 (NC, SC, GA)
April Zilg:

Region 7 (Hawaii)
Jeff Chang:

Region 8 (NY/NJ)
James Gregorio:

Region 9 (MA/CT/ME/VT/NH)
Eric Pasquale:

Region 10 (WI/MI/IL)
Illya Fiuty:
Dave Schuster:

Region 11 (NE/KS/IA/MO)

Region 12 (TX/OK/IA)
Casey Gotcher:

Region 13 (VA/WV/MD/DE)
Open, contact Region 6 in the meantime!

Region 14 (TN, KY, N.GA, W.NC)