WPA Certified Instruction


New paddlers are taking to the water every day and in unprecedented numbers. While a boon for paddlers and the standup paddling community alike, the WPA recognizes that many paddlers, new and experienced, haven’t been educated on the basics of water safety. With paddlers on waterways all over the world, safety and preparedness are key.

The WPA provides world-class water safety and SUP instruction designed to educate and prepare instructors to teach paddlers at every level how to have a fun and safe experience on the water. Our expert staff will certify instructors to teach a consistent and proven curriculum of fundamental technique, water dynamics and water safety appropriate for all water environments.


In addition to the water safety expertise, fundamental skill sets, and rescue techniques, certified WPA Water Safety and SUP Instructors also enjoy these additional benefits as well:

  • Marketing: Instructors will be posted by level and region on the WPA website with links to your webpage
  • Insurance: Certified instructors receive discounted rates on individual and group insurance
  • Structure: An education backed by a structured organization with the WPA and the WPA Board of Instructors
  • Relevancy: Instructors continue to receive updated curriculum and materials