Advisory Boards



The WPA consists of three main Advisory Boards (AB):

  • Paddlers
  • Manufacturers
  • Race Directors

Each AB group is lead by one individual whose task is to be the liaison to the BOD.

Current Advisory Board Members:

Jason Colclough

Bart DeZwart

Brian Hovnanian

Mark Colino

Anne-Marie Reichman

Nate Brouwer

James Gregorio

David Schuster

Eric Pasquale

William Pope

Sandy Deely

John Wrenn

Marc Spitaleri

Mark Carlisle

John Burns

Mike Vaughn

Jeff Chang

John Beausang

Haywood Newkirk

Ernie Brassard

Tyler Callaway

Jason Freise

Donna Badome

Sean Douglas

Mitch Kahn

Colin McPhillips

Pete Stirling

Ryan List

Brody Welte

Peter Mel

Gary Wise

Mark Johnson

Jay Butki

Scott Ruble

Randall Barna

Jeff Alter

Ryan Guay

Chris Hill

Erik Nordskog

Andrew Miller

Dave Daum

Bob Risner

Diane Wetzel

Rob Hoopengarner

Brian Stockdale

Mickey Munoz

Chris Curry

Gary Fortune

Jaime Donnelly

Jeff Archer

Adam Crawford

Corran Addison

Kevin Krohn

Larry Froley

Jay Wild

Ty Zulim