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“ESPN.com to feature the top SUP Athletes”

With the dramatic increase in participation around the country and the world in the sport of Stand Up Paddling, ESPN.com will be featuring the top SUP athletes in the world to give attention to the fastest growing water sport if not the fastest growing sport in the world.  The feature will be posted on the Surfing portion of the ESPN.com website under Action Sports.  The World Paddle Association will be connected to the site, so visitors can search for rules, guidelines and races in the U.S.  We have to thank Surfer, SUP Surfer, SUP racer and Photographer Jason Kenworthy for his efforts to keep driving the idea with his contacts at ESPN.com.  This will give the sport of Stand Up Paddling even more legitimacy with mainstream sports and continue to grow the sport around the country.  Stay tuned as the World Paddle Association will keep you up to date with any more announcements and the launch date.  Hold tight World!

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